The short-film project Apolo 21 is already included at the catalogue of the Market and International animation, videogames and New media Festival

Between the 6th and 9th of October, Segovia turne tinto the epicenter of Spanish animation, and the most transgressive proposals of the international animation were showed here as well. Animation ‘made in Valencia’ was present with lots of projects made of short stories such as PTERODACTIVE’s ‘Apolo 21’, Silvia Carpizo’s ‘The Neverending Wall’, María Manero’s ‘Patchwork’, Esteban Henriquez’s ‘Orión’ and Paola Tejera’s ‘Invisible’. The animation studio Silly Walks was also present here, and were the main characters of a round table named ‘New talents of Spanish 2D’.

PTERODACTIVE did not miss the chance to get to know the work of The Line Animation, the London studio that created the viral videogame ‘Leo’s red carpet rampage. We also attended Cecilia Bullwinkel’s speeches about how to promote your online project, and learned about new technologies that will help all of us in the future of animation. 

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