Our team went to the Valencian space to teach a very animated class!

Last Friday 20th January we visited the GeeksHubs Space to give an animation for video games class. Our students could not be more different and at the same time have so much in common! Two of them were so keen to attend the class that participated through Skype. The most important part of the session was the age of the participants, they were a group of young people between 8 and 19 years old, who are learning how to build a video game.

We began by explaining who we were as well as the projects inside and outside the field of video games we had done, also taught the steps to create a sprite from the first sketches to the final animation. Many of them had imagined that this would be a simple task, and they were astonished to see how complex the process could be.

We taught some principles of animation in terms as keyframes and intermediates using one of our characters design and organized a paper exercise: they had to perform a sprite with one of our characters so that they could prove themselves that part of the video game building. At the beginning, most of them were stuck by the fact that they had to work on paper, but when they began to work they enjoy themselves.

Some of them had doubts about the animation, so we explained them more specific movements with the characters, drawing examples on the blackboard. Also, we bring some graphic tablets to let them have the possibility of using them and try to do digital animation, that drove them crazy. Some of them already asked for one as next birthday present! They learned very quickly so we are sure that if they keep practicing, they will be able to animate the next video game they will do.

We hope they would have enjoyed the experience as much as we did and we want to thank Chaume Sánchez for the opportunity.