An event of animation and entrepreneurship at the university.

Last Wednesday 29th March, was a very special afternoon for us, it took place AnimaEmprende, our first event organized at the UPV School of Arts. We organized a day dedicated to the projects that are being developed inside the Entrepreneurship Space at the faculty, with the intention of communicating the knowledge that we have about animation and entrepreneurship. For this reason, we gathered different profiles so that anyone interested in undertaking within the framework of animation, could be nourished by the experience of people with current projects.

This day came from the roundtable of Prime the Animation! 4 in which we participated, since then we had talked among ourselves the idea of making a new meeting. So we met Sara Álvarez, moderator of the first roundtable and coordinator of Prime the Animation! 4 and Maria Lorenzo, director of Con A de Animación magazine, to create AnimaEmprende: Pineapple Team!

In this case, the roundtable was moderated by María Lorenzo, professor of the university and nominated to a Goya by La nit de l'oceà (2016) and we had the directors of the short films The neverending wall that has a grant from ICAA, Patchwork with crowdfunding funds and Mecanico in process of distribution through festivals; we also joined UNIT Experimental to talk about their transmedia project, the guys from the animated webcomic Loopy Teller Studio, the animation team Silly Walks Studio and lastly Pterodactive, we talked about startup creation.

We began by talking about what had been our first steps to carry out our projects and thus, avoid the eternal summer that begins once you graduate and you have no future plans, emphasizing that you have to start moving much before that moment arrives. Other topics that were strongly emphasized were both the importance of a good work team and the contacts that are created from festivals. The most developed themes were grants and the distribution of short films throught festivals, highlighting the use of new digital platforms enabled for it. We could also see the different opinions about the figure of the producer in a project, what role it has and how it can benefit you when it comes to requesting a grant, as we have the presence of several among the public.

After the roundtable and the networking time, obligatory in this type of events, a small short film screening was projected from alumni of our faculty from 1996 to the present time.

The truth is that we did not expect such a good reception, attended by almost a hundred people, students from all Valencian schools related to the audiovisual world and animation, as well as professionals from the sector, all "crowded" in the classroom B-0-7 of our university.

We warmly thank all those who attended and enjoyed with us the event, all the institutional support we received from BBAA Entrepreneurship, the Animation Master, the Art and Industry research group, StartUPV and the Ideas Institute, Las Naves and The Town Hall of Valencia, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Universitat Politècnica de València, without which it would not have been possible to realize this little dream we had. In the first edition of AnimaEmprende, we have given the best of us and we know there are things to improve, but do not suffer, we are already planning what will be next because we want to continue with our goal TO MAKE A PINEAPPLE TEAM!