Pterodactive pitchs Clito in Incubator.

For our team, Animac was the first point of connection between the university and the professional world, two years ago we came with an animation series project while we were studing our fourth year. The Bermuda triangle, name of the project, was a huge personal challenge for us and gave us the necesary impetus to apply on our first festival. Since then, many years have passed, new projects and different people who have helped us to learn and improve in the world of animation and the International Film Festival of Catalunya / Lleida keeps giving us the possibility of having contact with the real World.

In this year's Incubator Pitch, we participated with a project that made us very happy to show, Clito. This collaboration with two Catalan scriptwriters Pol López and Alexis Barroso, emerged in the framework of another festival, the Non Stop Barcelona Festival d'Animació 2016, since then we have worked hard to make this dream come true. As we explained in the presentation, the series project tells the adventures of a very peculiar main character and her two friends in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. While waiting for the chapters to materialize, you can begin to know our character through her social networks, Instagram or Facebook.

This year's festival was titled "Against the wind" with poster and animation by Carles Porta, the level of the show has been noticed with projections such as La tortue rouge or Ma Vie De Courgette, nominated for the Oscars. Master Classes as the one given by Headless Studio and Glasswork on how they did the animation for A Monster calls, awarded in the Goya's 2017. Current content along with great references of the animation world like Michaël Dudok de Wit or Igor Kovalyov.

We have enjoyed watching everything, especially those shorts of our new friends, like Roger from people of Barcelona or Wurmlock of the Finnish collective Turun Anikistit. Also we had the opportunity to see short films like Decorado or Made in Spain nominated to the Goya's 2017.

One more year we have enjoyed as children of the necesary appointment in our calendar that is Animac, we want to thank Juan Carlos Concha and all the team that prepares the festival, Alberto Vázquez, Paco Rodriguez, Iván Miñambres, Peter Baynton and Belli Ramirez for all that they advised us, in order to make Clito better. To Jean Christophe Soulangeon and the interpreté who helped us to speak with him in French during the portfolio sessions. Also we had the pleasure to share with Maria Lorenzo the festival and see all the people that comes every year and share with us their love for animation.